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CCI is one of the top leading cab production companies in the mid-Atlantic. Our passion for elevators, extensive experience and installation with the help from our union technicians is what makes us stand out.

We provide elevator finishes, manufacturing and installation services, specializing in elevator interiors, design and project management.

We move thousands of people every day and help cities expand into the sky.


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CCI is a small business located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, serving the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

In collaboration with national and local general contractors, OEMs, service and construction entities, CCI has worked successfully to produce elevator interior installation and repair solutions that guarantee an optimal outcome for our clients. We deliver a wide variety of projects including those for commercial and local government customers.

CCI serves as a partner and works closely with our clients every step of the way. We enhance our own experience with a network of experts who contribute with a comprehensive skill set of new construction, renovation, and best practices. We utilize surveying, evaluation and feedback to refine our processes and achieve continuous quality improvement.

Ingenuity and an eye for solutions make CCI an excellent choice for your vertical transportation contracting needs.

Needs AssessmentAnalyzing a client’s ​required needs, ​goals, and ​objectives.

Through our

network of experienced

professionals, we use a client-oriented

approach developed and refined since the

company's inception. This approach has

been designed to provide optimal

results to meet our clients


Achievement of ​Exceptional OutcomesDelivering an absolute ​end product to meet a

client’s ultimate ​objectives and ​expectations.

Identification of ​Resources ​Distinguishing the ​tools necessary to ​meet and achieve

the client's ​requirements.

Management of the ​Process

Involving accountable ​employees and ​providing effective

management ​support.

Expert project







On time

project delivery

We serve the greater Baltimore/ Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, as well as the entire mid-Atlantic region.

We can proudly say that we have manufactured over 5000 elevators and worked at more than 1000 locations.


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Are you as fascinated by elevators as we are? You should be! We are changing the world, day by day. Have you ​ever thought about the global impact of elevators? The vertical transportation systems gets often overlooked but ​WE help build cities and transform how people live and work and YOU can have the same impact on the world! ​We believe our employees are the key to success.

Whether it is engineering, project management, sales professional, machine operator or IT.

Here at CCI is the place for you!

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